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We like what we do. We want to share with you the knowledge we have been acquiring continuously for several years. On our blog you will learn more about the areas in which we work, such as E-commerce, data management, UX/UI, PIM, DAM and CMS systems. We present our experience with Pimcore, Magento and Shopware platforms.

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Building competitive advantage in e-commerce with PIM solutions


With more than 2.14 billion online shoppers globally, 90,000 e-commerce businesses in Poland alone and the digitisation of businesses initiated by covid-19 accelerating in earnest, the competition for...

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Top 7 features of Pimcore PIM


Pimcore is an open-source platform for managing user experiences and diverse data. Thanks to its flexibility, scalability and advanced integration capabilities, it has been chosen by more than 80,000...

PIM for manufacturers and distributors


The situation on the market is developing very dynamically. The organisation of work and information is an absolute must for the growth of any company focused on real performance. Product Information...

When do companies implement a product information management system?


Managing product information is a tough challenge, especially for manufacturers, distributors and retailers who use multiple sales and promotion channels. As people and data grow in numbers, unstructu...

Can even a small shop run on Magento?


When setting up an online store, you have to face an overwhelming number of decisions. For some of them, you will find out quickly if you have made the right choice. However, some decisions will only...