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We treat your business as our own. Reach for the benefits with our digital solutions.

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Powered by numbers.

Everything that can be measured, investigated and counted excites us most. Data are the key to understanding processes, designing changes and creating best user experience.

Driven by clarity

Our mission is to set clear rules for each co-operation. At every step of project our partners know exactly where we are going and why.


Choose what has proven its worth.

Most of our experience covers commercial platforms that serve thousands of customers daily. We invest time and resources in the solutions that bring the most benefit. We are guided by business objectives of our clients. We use what is thoroughly tested and what provides predictable results. Building trust and loyalty is crucial for us on every level.

Magento Development Omnichannel loyalty programs

Web Apps

Simplify tasks. Save time.

In the hands of today's busy, distracted, impatient people we put real jewels attracting attention with their neat simplicity. Apps made by us run smoothly on any device and with any software you wish. We take care of keeping them up to date before you even ask.

OroCRM Development Startups Custom B2B
and B2C Software
Pimcore Development


Stay on top. Reach further.

Energize your business. We inspire, test, motivate. If your development team needs new approach and fresh look at ongoing projects, here we are, ready to act. If you have doubts, we deliver research. If you want to be up to date, just ask. With the ability to answer questions “How?” and “Why?”, we support development of any digital product.

User Experience Design Conversion Rate Optimization Analytics UX Audits


With some programming languages we work constantly. Others we can easily learn.

Every project tells the story

Sometimes we develop existing solutions. Sometimes we start from the beginning. Read more about some of our most interesting projects.

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In Blue Paprica “dedicated team” is never a fake. All of our clients we have been provided with the complete set of necessary specialists and we are proud of it.

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