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PIM for manufacturers and distributors

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The situation on the market is developing very dynamically. The organisation of work and information is an absolute must for the growth of any company focused on real performance. Product Information Management (PIM) systems are becoming increasingly popular. It is a step towards the transformation of manufacturing companies, distributors and retailers that is based on a central, strategically expanded data warehouse and automating many tasks. What exactly is PIM and why is it so revolutionary?

  1. Ease of adding and updating product information

    Set your own standards

    This article will focus on the Pimcore PIM system, which is certainly one of the best solutions of its kind available on the market thanks to its exceptional functionality. The system allows you to, among others:
    – Structure and classify data according to specified criteria, making it easier to find data according to current needs;
    – Create product- and category-specific data management standards;
    – Streamline and standardise the process of adding and updating product data (descriptions, images, etc.) according to user-defined criteria;
    – Have direct control over the quality of all data within the organisation;
    – Efficiently share selected information with your B2B customers.

    More information about the basic features of the Pimcore PIM system can be found here.

    All in one place

    Designed specifically for the business needs of medium and large companies, the central PIM repository offers several notable functionalities. It serves as the main database for text files, spreadsheets, photos, videos and files with more customised extensions, and allows you to edit many of them directly in the PIM panel. You read that right: Pimcore has a built-in editor for graphics, text and many other types of files most often used for business purposes. This saves a lot of money if you think about how much you have to pay for separate licenses for individual programs to support your work.

    This approach to the organisation of work enables a much simpler and more effective creation of all kinds of advertising materials. It allows you to store the effects of work in an environment where you will always have access to them and will not have to worry about where you should look for the data on the disk. This is an invaluable help for companies that operate with many products and run multiple advertising campaigns at the same time.

    In addition, the system is fully browser-friendly: you can access it always, regardless of where you are or what device you use.

    Here, you can find all the information you need about the implementation of the system and check whether it suit your needs at the current level of development of your company.

    Act globally

    The Pimcore PIM system we recommend is designed to work in an international environment, for both when your employees speak different languages and when you offer your products on the global market. The administration panel can be operated in 20 different languages, and the system's interface is compatible with the codification of data, such as product descriptions or website content, written in all of the world's most popular languages, making it easy to edit and translate.

  2. Control over data distributed through multiple channels

    Data centralisation 

    With an efficient indexing system, you can access your files whenever you need them. All of your employees work on the same data cloud so that everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of all information at all times.

    Safety first

    A key issue for every company. No-one wants sensitive data about the company, products or marketing strategies to fall into the wrong hands. Ordinary security systems are often not enough, and as a result, incur very serious losses. Pimcore PIM enables a comprehensive protection of all valuable information and direct control over the access rights you grant to individual company employees or third parties.

    Automatic data exchange

    The PIM system can be easily integrated with the external and internal IT systems in your organisation. You can import data from such channels as ERP, supplier and partner systems, web portals or cloud applications. It also enables you to export data to marketing channels, sales systems, customer and partner panels, the most popular e-commerce systems and many other information distribution channels. Of course, you have complete control over the exported data at all times, which is updated every time you make changes to our central system.

  3. Reduction of operating costs

    Here are some of the benefits of introducing a system for product data organisation into your company:

    – Ease of data control: you can easily correct errors in the text on your site, verify that your offer descriptions and price lists are up-to-date and make sure everything works as intended. The image of your company is its greatest asset, so is it advisable to have constant control over the content that goes to your client;

    – Time saving: you enter the data in one place, and the rest of the system and related plugins and services are updated automatically;

    – Automation of routine activities that previously had to be performed by hand: you can invest the time and effort saved on these activities into the real development of your company;

    – A comprehensive tool that allows you to express data import and export with every service related to your business and enables a much more efficient cooperation with the suppliers and recipients of your services;

    – A space where all your data is always up-to-date and easy to find: you will never again have to deal with lost or deleted files, and you will always be sure that the individual employees of your company are not duplicating each other's work;

    – Security: you gain total control over who has access to your data and how;

    – A robust tool that will enable you to improve your business for years to come. 

    More detailed information on the possibilities of the Pimcore PIM system is provided in the article "Pimcore: What is it and what does it offer?”.

  4. Pimcore PIM: is it worth implementing?

    A data organization system can significantly increase your company's efficiency by providing your customers and suppliers with always up-to-date product data and materials needed to fulfil individual orders. You always have control over all the data that your company operates and you can be sure that its employees operate in a consistent and unified manner.

    Not having to worry about keeping your data up-to-date means you can spend more time analysing the market and meeting the real needs of your current and potential customers and finding the opportunities that will allow your company to climb to the heights of efficiency and continue to grow every day. By devoting more attention to your customers and their needs, you can contribute to creating a solid brand that is worth working with.