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How do you synchronize work between two different programmer teams to make sure that the project is carried out within the deadline, with no need for corrections?

Project background

Luxoft, a globally-recognized brand specialized in the digitization of business, is planning to improve the way their expertly designed offer is presented online through a complete reconstruction of their website, Luxoft is going to handle the entire back end, but they need a technological partner who can create a graphical interface efficiently, on time, and with no errors.


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

What was the challenge?

The graphical interface of the new website has to be no less than perfect, useful, and attractive across all popular devices. However, our front-end team and Luxoft’s back-end team must work in synch to make sure that the final interface implements 100% of the logic of the new, elaborate functionalities.

The solution

We designed and implemented a new interface for the website based on the Pixel Perfect Precision methodology, creating a clear, simple, and very intuitive solution. Users can easily access all functions of the website on every popular device. Despite the website’s complexity, browsing it does not overwhelm the users. On the contrary, it provides a dynamic and smooth experience. No corrections were needed during the implementation!

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Design features

Pixel Perfect Precision

A methodology well-suited for the challenge.

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Non-standard elements

The users find these elements so intuitive that they feel as if they have used them every day.

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Mobile version of the website

The website is as functional in the mobile version as it is in the desktop version.


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