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How do you move on from researching the clients' needs to providing a solution that encourages them to report damages online, rather than via a hotline?

Project background

AXA Assistance, part of the AXA Group and a leader on the insurance market, saw a need to change their model of online claim reporting, which was too complicated for many users. The users should be able to report damages at any time, on any day, without the need for support from a helpline.


  • InVision
  • Adobe XD
  • Axure
  • Service Blueprint
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Object Oriented UX

What was the challenge?

Reporting damage requires the insured to provide a large amount of detailed data and to complete numerous documents. In addition, depending on the damage, different data are required. The challenge was to combine the complex and precise requirements of the insurer and the client's need to report the damage quickly and efficiently into a single solution.

The solution

During the workshops of our international team in Ostrava, we identified the users and their needs. We wrote down processes in the form of a service blueprint. In the next stage, we began design work using the Object Oriented UX methodology, which allows for an effective analysis of complex structures and information hierarchies. We divided the damage reporting process into two main stages. In the first stage, the client provides only the minimum amount of data, which allows for a quick initial establishment of the case. The second stage requires detailed information and documents, depending on the specifics of the report.

We abandoned the step-by-step approach popular in damage reporting interfaces in favor of grouping the required data into blocks that are more legible to the user. When completing the application, the user decides what order to provide the information in. user also sees the current status of the data he or she has provided and is automatically informed of the next steps in the processing of the application after its completion. We created graphical designs for all types of insurance. Once the client's programming team implemented the new interface, further workshops were conducted to confirm that the implementation met the expectations. The new solution has significantly increased the percentage of online submissions and has relieved the workload of the helpline employees. After this the success of this first joint project, we continued our cooperation with the client on their other internal systems.

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Design features

Current status of data

The user decides in what order he or she completes the necessary data. The current status of the entered data can be viewed in the panel.

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Documents and files

The user completes the required documents in a convenient order. He or she may attach more photographs or scans at any time.

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Mobile version of the website

Thanks to the Responsive Web Design, damage can be reported on your phone or tablet from anywhere on Earth where the Internet is available.


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We have found a solution that met the different and divergent needs of customers more effectively while respecting their existing habits.

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