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How to provide recipients of media content with a positive experience?

Project assumptions

Marquard Media Polska, a lifestyle publisher of titles such as Playboy, CKM, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Voyage, Joy, Olivia and Hot Moda & Shopping, was looking for a partner to implement autonomous digital projects related to its publishing targets.


  • Zend framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

What was the challenge?

Our client gave us diverse tasks, namely: creating the lifestyle website, modernising and optimising the website in terms of user experience, image-building and the ability to publish adverts on the website, and developing an app for LG TVs which would provide its users with access to articles from these two websites.


Each of the subsequent tasks was preceded by an audit of the existing solutions of the client and its competitors. As a result, our proposals made use of Marquard Media’s strengths and, at the same time, were an effective response to the identified obstacles.

The TV app we developed presents the content of the CKM magazine and provides access to 3D and pay-per-view materials. The payment is done via a text message. The new website recorded an increase in website revisits and the time spent on the site, and was also calibrated to smoothly supply a large number of users with rich online content. The Blue Paprica team expanded the community section of the site by introducing elements of gamification, and the mailing panel added to the admin panel became integrated with the external advertising system, which allowed for more efficient management of advertising space.

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Implementation stages

Everything that men love

CKM provides content to over 400,000 unique users and handles 1,900,000 webpage views per month.

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Female fascinations

Very quickly after its launch, the website recorded as many as 1,250,000 views per month.

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Smart TV

We developed applications for CKM and Milion Kobiet websites specifically for LG televisions.

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Website that’s easy to configure.

Blue Paprica developed a website to promote, book and purchase training courses. The site can be independently adapted to changing communication objectives.

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