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How to create a content-heavy website which gives extreme configuration possibilities?

Project assumptions

Along with the development of its operations, of which a website is a key element, Sociomania faced the necessity of the website’s expansion and modernisation. The company was looking for a partner who would understand the specific requirements of the training industry and provide a solution that could be easily adapted to new and changing specifications in the future.


  • Symfony
  • Pimcore
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

What was the challenge?

The overriding goal was to streamline the process of selling training courses. Users had to be able to edit the courses presented on the site easily and intuitively, so that these operations could also be performed by newcomers to the system. It was also important for the content to always be legible, dynamic and attractive, which was to be guaranteed by the actual architecture of the website.


A good understanding of the needs of those who were to use the site, and the knowledge we had previously gained about the expectations of the company’s clients, allowed us to jointly create an extremely intuitive tool. For this project, we chose version 5 of the Pimcore platform.

The layout of the page was divided into widgets, which make for easy expansion. The website is edited in page mode and widgets can be edited in WYSIWYG mode. Taking advantage of the functionalities offered by Pimcore, training courses can be sold as packages, discounted and added to. The new website was also integrated with financial and accounting software, which is responsible for the issuance of invoices once a training course is purchased. All this allowed us to develop a unique e-commerce platform for the sale of training courses.

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Implementation stages


We made it easier to expand the website thanks to the “add another module” option.

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Editing page content

Blue Paprica simplified the work of the site admins, and any changes in the content are visible immediately.

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The e-commerce solution was skilfully adapted to the sale of training courses.

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Responsive web design


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The first steps in e-commerce

We’ve built from scratch an intuitive online store with delivery process optimisation functionalities.

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