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How to combine offers from two different categories, publishing and training, into a single, intuitive sales service?

Project background

In a highly competitive training and publishing industry, it is necessary to continuously improve the way of reaching customers with new technological achievements, fresh know-how and updated knowledge of the target group. Redesigning a website should be an often-used business opportunity.


  • Symfony
  • Pimcore
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

The challenge

Taxpress brand has been developing since 2000. It has a strong position and, at the same time, many well-established habits and expectations from its customers. They should be kept in mind when introducing a solution aimed at attracting new customers. A significant part of the target group is not proficient in the use of online tools, but knows perfectly well what they are looking for and has high requirements. The service should be simple but professional. In addition, it was important to implement a PIM system for managing information on various products.


We started by auditing the existing website and researching user behavior to find out how they make use of such different elements as training subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, ordering books, and searching for information in the knowledge base. The aim was to create a project tailored to the users’ specific needs. The optimal solution was to create two independent websites for sales and communication, and Both were created on the Pimcore platform. Their visual layer was strongly linked to the existing branding. As a result, they were both new and rooted in the consciousness of the customers at the outset and took full advantage of the brand's position developed so far.

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Design features

We designed online shops with extensive product descriptions and optimized the search and filtering of products and content for particular groups of recipients. In order to optimally manage a diverse product base, we have taken advantage of Pimcore's strength - the PIM (product information management system). After logging in, the user can download previously-purchased materials in an electronic version. The service thus becomes a personal virtual library.

In the training sales system, we used tags and dependencies between products, allowing for an easy presentation in different variants of terms, price packages, agendas, and speakers. The administrator can associate any product from the offer with selected articles in the knowledge base, presenting them to those users who are interested in that category of content. This is an extremely sales-oriented solution. The subpages have been divided into WYSWIG mode editing widgets, which makes it easy to update its content and expand it with new modules.

Division of content and products

The clear division of the various content and products makes it easy for the user to quickly reach the desired categories. Cross-selling mechanisms increase sales efficiency.

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Simplified purchasing path

The path from decision to purchase is short and straightforward in each product category, absorbing the attention of the target-oriented user to a minimum.

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A simple decision to buy training

Clearly-presented key training information helps the customer to select the relevant training, save it in his calendar, and pay for it.

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