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More than ten years of experience have shaped our competencies in four areas. Decide how we can support your business today.



Go for what’s been proven to work.

Blue Paprica develops and monitors trading platforms which handle tens of thousands of customers daily. As we only use tried and tested technology, we have chosen Magento. Our time and resources are invested in developing promising solutions. We know how to build trust.

Web Apps

Custom Software

Simplify tasks. Save time.

Understanding the needs of our clients, we identify the easiest way to implement any site, which is available on various devices. Our team revamps existing solutions and develops new ideas from square one. Both startups and large businesses can count on our professional support.


IT Outsourcing

Front-end and back-end development.

We can provide end-to-end software development outsourcing. You can make Blue Paprica your own design, development and IT project management team. Let us take care of your tech and allow yourself to focus on developing your business instead.

UX/UI Design

Product and interface design.

We provide state-of-the-art product design, interface design and audit services. Our UI and UX experts will make complex business processes understandable and intuitive for your system's users.

Are you ready to set things in motion?

Simply contact us to do so. At Blue Paprica, we always have time for you.

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