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What is headles CMS?

The main characteristic feature for headless system is the separation of the content layer from the presentation layer. This means that such a CMS enables content management and storage, but does not define how and where this content will be delivered and presented. Of course, the key role here is played by the API through which this data is transferred to the appropriate fronts (devices / systems / websites / applications) and then presented in a suitable way.

To sum up: headless CMS systems are responsible for content management and sharing them via API, and they leave the issue of displaying them to the presentation layer (independent of the backend).

Highlights of the CMS headles.

  • consists of a backend and an API that provides external content,

  • allows for a multi-channel approach to content management,

  • enables easy scaling (we can create an infinite number of new fronts thus reaching e.g. new devices),

  • the frontend is independent (in terms of appearance and selected technology),

Advantages of CMS headles.

  • API first - thanks to communication via API, the system allows the use of its content on many devices / systems / channels.

  • Flexibility - how we want to present the data is independent of the backend, we can use various technologies, display information in any way for selected devices. There is no limit to the interfaces on which we want to present the content.

  • Scalability - the lack of dependence between the content management system and the front on which the content is presented also frees us from downtime in operation, which in the classic approach are visible, for example, during content update.

  • Speed ​​of updating - content changed in the headless CMS system is automatically updated on each front, so there is no need to do it separately e.g. for a desktop website and a mobile application.

  • Compatibility - prepared content can be 100% prepared for the appropriate device, application, website, etc.

Examples of CMS headles solutions.

  • Contentful

  • Strapi

CMS headles solutions - who are they for?

Headless CMS systems will prove to be the best for organizations that publish content on many channels. Thanks to this approach, we save a lot of time on publication, which does not have to be prepared / modified per platform, but is managed from one panel.

Headless CMS is also a great choice when we want the perfect presentation of our content on any device. The classic approach will always be imperfect, because the prepared presentation must go in one form for each device (which, of course, can display it). In the described approach, we can prepare the content exactly for the platform they are to hit on (from the website, through the tablet application or even a smartwatch!) and manage them from one panel.
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