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Magento - platform for eCommerce

What is Magento?

Magento is a leading, innovative and scalable platform, which is used to build online stores. It supports tens of thousands of medium-sized and large stores across the world. Since Magento software is open source, there are no license fees associated with its use. Magento allows you to effectively implement any sales model on the Internet, starting from classic conventional online stores to subscription sales and service sales systems.

Magento’s clients include: Rossignol, Paul Smith, HP, Helly Hansen, Liebherr, Canon, Seat, and Frankfurt Airport.

Key features

Sales of products and services for every industry

Magento’s flexible product configuration system makes it possible to sell any type of product. This includes products which are simple and configurable, product sets, virtual and digital products as well as services. All this makes the Magento platform incredibly successful, while providing it with reference implementations in almost every industry (for example, fashion & beauty, FMCG, automotive, industrial components, educational services, and electronics).

Global community of partners

Moreover, Magento stands for an ecosystem of extensions developed by thousands of companies around the world. These extensions allow for efficient integration of the platform with external systems, such as systems used by payment, delivery and logistics operators. Other key advantages are the system’s enhanced marketing and merchandising capabilities.

More than 80,000 implementations

Magento is used by tens of thousands of e-commerce companies across all continents. The Adobe brand is responsible for Magento’s continued dynamic development and support. This provides the system with long-term development and security assistance.

Magento makes it possible to create online stores using PWA technology to provide mobile devices with the speed and user experience close to that offered by mobile apps.

Who is the target audience?

  • B2C and B2B online stores and those integrated with sales platforms (e.g. eBay, Rakuten, Idealo, Cdiscount, Allegro, Ricardo etc.)

  • Sellers seeking technology to build multi-channel sales systems

  • E-commerce companies with complex business processes (e.g. advanced handling of product returns, multi-warehouse capability, dropshipping)

Who is the target audience?


The modular architecture of the Magento platform gives us the ability to create e-commerce systems of any scale and develop them according to the growing needs of the business. Magento store expansion modules can be added to an existing system. Thanks to its comprehensive functionality, the Magento platform can handle almost any typical e-commerce business process. As a result, it is not necessary to integrate, for example, additional inventory management systems or mailing systems. Additional systems (for instance, CRM, ERP, WMS, etc.) can be easily integrated when the volume of sales increases. Such an architecture makes it possible to control the implementation costs at every stage of the company’s development. The financial outlays on the development of the platform are proportional to the revenues.

Open sources

Magento’s architecture makes it possible to control the implementation costs at every stage of the company’s development, making the outlays proportional to the generated revenues.

As Magento software is open source, there are no license fees associated with its use. Systems based on the Magento platform are being implemented in their thousands across the world. Magento implementations use defined design patterns and uniform programming practices. Since online store sellers are the owners of the Magento apps developed for them, they are fully entitled to modify their systems and choose their implementation companies.

Why choose Blue Paprica for your Magento project?

  • We have experience in large-scale implementations, such as retail networks with more than 100 offline sales points.

  • Our key objective is to ensure high availability of services. Therefore, we provide support within the framework of SLA agreements. This means defined response times and resolution of reported faults.

  • We develop efficient sales systems for both B2C and B2B companies.

  • We build e-commerce apps in complex and efficient network environments. This is also done with the use of cloud and CDN solutions.

  • Our focus is on optimising efficiency. We implement Magento 2 in multi-server architecture.

  • Blue Paprica boasts a thorough knowledge of the Magento platform (1 and 2). We specialise in revamping e-commerce systems and run migrations to the current version of Magento.

  • Our team has consulting competencies in the field of UX and UI for e-commerce. As a result, our technical solutions are perfectly adapted to our clients’ business needs.


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