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CMS, PIM, DAM systems based on Pimcore

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open source platform designed for building:
  • advanced corporate websites (CMS),

  • product information management systems (PIM),

  • digital asset management systems (DAM),

  • e-commerce platforms.

The Pimcore platform is used to construct secure, effective and easy to use product information management systems. Especially where the following functionalities are required:

  • advanced system of roles and permissions in data management,

  • versioning and the history of changes to product information,

  • integrity control and control of the product data structure,

  • templates and data profiles for diverse channels and applications,

  • mass editing, updating, importing and exporting of data,

  • dynamic logic of fields, attributes and product tags.


Pimcore – key characteristics

Websites built using the Pimcore platform are easy to manage. They are also secure and fast. The platform’s advanced authorisation system provides controlled access to specific resources and subsites.

Pimcore enjoys the trust of the leading global brands, such as Audi, Peugeot, Nissan, Deutsche Bahn, T-Mobile, Intersport, Ikea, Carrefour, Suzuki, and Gant.

All these brands use the Pimcore platform to build advanced content portals, as well as information and marketing websites. The platform is also used to develop configurators and landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Pimcore offers the possibility of automatic content personalisation for groups of recipients. This is possible on the basis of geographic data, the identity of a particular site visitor or their assignation to a particular segment. The data needed for visitor segmentation can also be sourced from external systems. The personalisation of the displayed content in Pimcore is immediate and contextual. This means that it also takes into account the visitor’s previous behaviours. For instance, this might be a purchase previously made, a visit to a website, or an item that was clicked.

Technical and legal security

compliance with legal requirements for data access control, the right to modify, delete, disclose and download data in a common format.


Systems developed using the Pimcore platform comply with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR). This means compliance with legal requirements for data access control, the right to modify, delete, disclose and download data in a common format.

Websites and apps based on the Pimcore platform give businesses the necessary technical security. This is due to regular security updates and compliance of the application code with the PSR standards. Pimcore supports all external components used to improve system security which are commonplace for the PHP application. These include:

  • ModSecurity

  • WAF safeguards

  • Cloud Flare

PIM – Product Information Management

Pimcore is a leading European solution for advanced product data management, which is intended for companies from the industrial, manufacturing and e-commerce sectors. Pimcore enables the development of PIM systems integrated with sales platforms, information sites and online catalogues.

The Pimcore platform is also used to build systems integrated with internal company systems, namely intranet or apps such as Microsoft SharePoint.

PIM systems based on the Pimcore platform support large-scale e-commerce solutions, which require, for instance, mass management of product information by multilingual teams.

DAM – Digital Assets Management

Pimcore makes it possible to create advanced Digital Assets Management (DAM) systems. DAM systems are used for central management and distribution of media data of any type (documents, graphics files, videos, etc.). Thanks to Pimcore’s centralised management of digital resources, it is possible to control the quality and technical parameters of resources designated for specific distribution channels. These can include:

  • print,

  • online stores,

  • marketplace websites,

  • information websites,

  • outdoor advertising,

  • digital signage.


With Pimcore, it is easy to develop resource portals, for example, to address the needs of production, marketing and sales departments. Media data held in Pimcore websites are simple to organise, search and store in collections and catalogues. The system also enables their effortless sharing with employees and contractors. The data collected on the Pimcore platform can be organised and searched for using metadata, e.g. EXIF.


They can be edited and organised in a transparent and structured way, using configurable workflow diagrams. As a result, employees can be assigned with the tasks of editing, control and the sharing of resources. Because all actions of editors are recorded, versioned and reversible, managing the work on digital content is transparent and secure.

Typical solutions developed using Pimcore:

  • Websites for companies and corporations

  • Product Information Management (PIM) systems for manufacturing and trading companies

  • Digital and media asset management systems (DAM/MDM)

  • Multifunctional websites combining informative (CMS) and catalogue functions (PIM, DAM)

  • PIM systems designed especially for integration with e-commerce platforms and marketplace channels (eBay, Allegro, Rakuten, Ricardo, Amazon, Mirakl).

E-commerce systems, especially those with an unusual model (e.g. booking, subscription sale, or supporting products and services with a complex configuration)

Key advantages

Personalisation of user experience

Pimcore’s built-in personalisation rules make it possible to define the demographic and behavioural profiles of website visitors to provide them with personalised content. The native integration with Google analytic tools (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager) and those of Matomo enables the visualisation of data from these systems directly in the Pimcore admin panel. It is possible to create personalised analytical reports, for instance, for marketing and compliance departments.

Open source platform

Pimcore uses the open source business model. This means that the use of Pimcore software does not incur any license fees. Pimcore’s revenues come from its consulting and training activities, while its costs are covered by implementation companies, instead of the end-customers. This means that the costs of implementing and maintaining open source software are lower than those relating to closed source software.
As there are numerous companies implementing systems based on Pimcore software, owners of systems built on the Pimcore platform are able to transfer the maintenance work carried out on their system to another contractor.

Scalable systems for business

With Pimcore, it is possible to create scalable applications whose functionalities can be activated at a pace adapted to the needs of the company. Consequently, the following scenario is feasible: in the first stage, we build a website equipped with the function of a product catalogue and the ability to download product-related documents. Thanks to the integration of CMS, DAM and PIM functionalities on the Pimcore platform, it is possible to later enhance product data with additional sale-related information (such as prices, availability and inventory) and to efficiently launch e-commerce functionalities.

In the face of growing sales volume and the need for greater automation, the subsequent steps in the development of the company’s infrastructure may include the system’s integration with WMS, ERP and CRM systems.

Why does Blue Paprica use Pimcore?

Blue Paprica is now a Pimcore Silver Partner.

Thanks to the experience gained from working on Pimcore projects, we have been named an official partner of Pimcore, after a thorough verification of the quality and scope of our implementations.

This means that our implementations are of exemplary technical quality and are perfectly tailored to the business needs of our clients.

We have continued access to Pimcore development roadmaps, documentation and the newest training materials. This allows us to offer our clients the latest in business needs solutions, systems architecture and integration.

Diversified expertise

Blue Paprica offers Pimcore development services to companies from the training, transport, e-commerce, construction, consulting and publishing industries. Innovative technological solutions are accurately tailored to the needs and scale of our clients.

As in addition to technical competencies, we have access to a team of experienced analysts and designers, we also undertake end-to-end projects. These are comprehensive solutions which cover business analyses, project documentation, as well as the project’s implementation, ongoing development and maintenance.

Continued support and development

We work hard to establish long-term cooperation with each of our partners. Therefore, once a system is launched, our team at Blue Paprica continues to be involved in its further development. If required, we can provide support and security for client systems within the framework of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are then able to guarantee a response to maintenance requests and notifications of failures.

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