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What is PWA?

If you operate in the e-commerce industry, you have certainly encountered the acronym PWA. A fashionable acronym that appears at important meetings can be the reason for the increase in sales in your store, as well as the satisfaction of your customers!

PWA (Progressive Web App) is nothing more than a web application that we run like a regular website, but imitating a native application on our device. Being on the appropriate page, we can click on the message regarding such an application, and its icon will be among other applications, e.g. on the phone.

Shopware with PWA?

PWA for Shopware 6 is a relatively easy-to-implement solution due to a dedicated module that allows the integration of this e-commerce engine with Vue Storefront PWA. This allows you to efficiently create a new sales channel, which in the case of other platforms is very expensive because it requires building the application from scratch!

This solution is very easy to expand thanks to the API that allows for integration with other systems or plugins.

Advantages of PWA.

PWA technology brings a number of advantages, and one of the most important is the ability to operate offline! This is possible due to the fact that the content of such a page is saved in the device memory.

Other important advantages of this solution are:

  • Great responsiveness - the application adapts perfectly to the device, there is no problem with adapting to a specific browser.

  • Easy installation - all you need to do is confirm that you want to have the application on the appropriate website, and its shortcut will appear on the device's desktop.

  • Speed ​​of operation - the application does not require a stable connection, all (or selected) data is already on the device, so it takes fractions of a second to load it.

  • Push notifications - perfect functionality for PWA stores

  • Automatic application update.

  • Higher conversion in stores thanks to greater user engagement and faster site performance.

Differences between a mobile application and PWA.

The most important differences between PWA and a standard mobile application are:

  • PWA does not require downloading from the App Store or Google Play.

  • No need to update the PWA application.

  • Quick and easy PWA installation.

  • Operation on all systems.

It should be remembered that PWA retains the advantages of the native application, such as:

  • Responsiveness and adaptation to different screens.

  • Possibility to generate push notifications.

  • They can recognize the location of the application user.

  • They can work offline.

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