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Wherever you are, our team’s always ready to work with you. We’ll do our best to help you reach your business targets with the end user in mind.

We always work together and keep our eyes on the goal

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Support for
a good start

If you have just started your business, you’ll benefit from an experienced team to work with you on implementing your product, from the very first stages.

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Development support

We can help you identify problems, develop your product and steer it in the right direction and fulfil your targets.

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Just starting?

Our UX team will not only support you in reaching your targets and help you with strategy, research and design, but will also analyse your product after its implementation.

Would you like to see an example of how we work with start-ups?
Read about our collaboration with Approve and Omnistrat.


Research-based strategy

At this stage, we work together to set a goal that matches the real needs of the users and help you reach your business targets. Together, we define the MVP, estimate our workload and present a plan for the project.

We approach your concept with due diligence: no shots in the dark here! If we’re unsure what direction to take or an inconsistency appears, we always say, ‘Let’s research this!’.

Workshop materials


We translate strategy into visual language. Customers usually anticipate this step the most. We do, too! This is when mock-ups are created, and you receive a prototype of your product that you can click on and test out. It is also the time for discussion, improvements and verifying our plans.

Sample mock-up and graphical project

Usability tests and analytics

The final stage is the implementation and optimisation of the project based on feedback from tests conducted among users. The last two stages are closely interconnected. The final result is a tested project that we present to the end users.

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Thinking about improving your product?

Do you feel like your concept could use some rethinking and bugfixing? Do you know something’s wrong, but you can’t quite pinpoint it? Are you constantly getting complaints from your customers? Or maybe your idea has changed over the years, and you need help updating it to match new standards?

Would you like to see an example of how we work on redesigning a product? Read about our collaboration with Bravelab.


We check for things to improve

We begin with an analysis and inspection, follow up with a cognitive walkthrough, and finish with a report and recommendations for UX changes. We then consult the priorities with you and begin the work.

Presentation of research results


Our team will help you redesign the information and navigation and create a modern front-end design. We will also add any missing functions or sections.

Sample redesign process


We aim for perfection. That is why we always test a new version of a product among the users and introduce the necessary changes.

Want to see the numbers? Here are a few facts.


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Our strength is a well-coordinated team

As a team, we constantly collaborate with developers. Together, we make a well-coordinated team focused on delivering a product that matches your requirements.

BluePaprica guarantees:

A target-oriented

Business transparency

An experienced team

Streamlined workflow

Active collaboration

Adaptation to your company’s operation

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Good technologies

We usually work with the solutions listed below.
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To improve is to change.

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